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why our advertising works so wel
In all the cities where pike can be found, our audience consists of loyal, modern urban dwellers who love to spend money and avoid disappointment when it comes to our brand.
Attracting an audience
We offer over 10+ collaboration options to suit any preference, from review posts to joint merchandise. We'll definitely find something that resonates with your audience
Winning Hearts
expanding into other markets
Pike is already present in five countries around the world, and this number continues to grow each year. Therefore, we are well-versed in the nuances of each region and can assist in creating the perfect collaborative project
Increasing performance
To boost performance, you can choose a collaboration format that will enhance the desired metrics, such as views or reach. We will also share all campaign results with you.
why our advertising works so well
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pike lives
that’s where
pike lives
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I want to buy advertising, what are the next steps?
You contact our manager and tell them about your project and your experience in promoting it.

Then we determine your goals, tasks, and desired dates for advertising promotion, and select the most suitable tariffs at the moment.

Next, we set the shooting day (if it's part of the chosen plan), a day for content approval and revisions.*

We send you a contract for signing or an invoice with an offer.
Signing the contract typically takes 1-2 days.
We receive your payment or payment confirmation for 100% of the cost.**

We determine the day and time for the team to come for the shoot (if required by the chosen plan). If no team visit is needed, we simply publish the content according to the plan.***
* Revisions should be specific and clear. Our manager will guide you on the best way to format and submit them so that everyone is comfortable and understands.
The material for publication must be approved on the chosen day. If you anticipate being on vacation or a business trip, please provide the contact information of a person who can do it on your behalf. If you haven't submitted the material within 24 hours before the scheduled publication, we reserve the right to deny your placement. Refunds will not be issued.

** Our editorial team has its own content plan. We recommend paying and reserving spots in advance.

*** Posting day according to the selected plan tariff
Will you share the statistics?
You can always request statistics and coverage results after the advertising integration, across all formats and for all dates.

We would also appreciate detailed feedback from your end after the advertising integration. Please don't hesitate to inform our manager about your experience working with the team and the outcomes achieved in meeting your objectives.
How to understand if my project is suitable for advertising?
We advertise restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, clothing, educational projects, and any other areas that align with our project's mission

We highly value our audience, and if we initially see that it doesn't align with the audience of your project or business, we reserve the right to decline collaboration (but this doesn't happen often!)
What about revisions?
During the material approval process, you, as an advertiser, have three free revisions. After that, each revision costs 50$. To minimize the number of revisions, we provide a brief that helps avoid wasting both your and our time.
Couldn’t find an answer to your question?
Just contact our support, and we'll sort it out!
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