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Every year, throughout Pike’s existence, we sum up, hold a vote, and choose who's cringe and who's top-notch in our Pike World of cafes, beauty, restaurants, and of course, instagrammable dishes.

We throw a party, hang out with the nominees and followers, give away gifts, and engage in self-admiration: boasting about how much cool stuff we've accomplished in a year. Plus, 5 more crazy nominations.
A nomination for the gastronomic veterans who never fail to remind us of their presence with grand events and consistently excellent cuisine
restaurant of the year
Counting the cups of coffee consumed over the year is as pointless as counting grains of sand on the beach, but hey, we can try to pick the place where caffeine addiction reached its peak.

So, the prestigious title goes to...
coffee shop of the year
All year long, we keep our eyes peeled and dive headfirst into testing all the latest openings in the city, just so we can share them with you.

Now it's time to pick the loudest and most heartwarming new addition that has captured our hearts and become the new go-to spot for city dwellers.
OPENING of the year
Keeping up with self-care, folks! Throughout the year, we've tried out many beauty spots in the city to ensure you won't stumble and will leave satisfied after your visit for a manicure or massage.

Now, we're choosing the best of the best.
BEAUTY SPOT of the year
A nomination for the gastronomic veterans for whom food porn isn't just food; it's the bare essentials in foodie’s world.

In this category, we choose between appetizing and the most appitizing food we've tasted this year.
Instagrammable dish of the year
the coolest ever partners of awards
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we become
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we’re open for dope collaborations and projects