Istandul districts, pros and cons, honest opinions
It’s easy to get confused in the huge city of Istanbul, so we decided to make a guide to the districts in order to partially understand it. European and Asian parts — will be useful for tourists or those who have recently lived in Istanbul!

P.S. Of course, these are not all districts of Istanbul, but literally the very center.
Fatih (Europe)
The historical center with the main sights of Istanbul: Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia, Topkapi Palace. There are also two huge markets here — Egyptian and Grand Bazaar. You won’t see the real Istanbul, so we ask tourists not to limit themselves to the «old center».
Balat and Fener (Europe)
Once poor neighborhoods in Istanbul that are now known for their colorful Instagram-worthy hillside houses and Greek Orthodox school. There are plenty of antique and record stores, coffee shops and cafes.
Moda (Anatolian side)
The first impression of arriving in Kadıköy may be deceiving, but just drive inland and you'll see a completely different and cool, well-maintained Istanbul. Moda is popular for its dozens of cafes, bars, stores, waterfront and pier, with a library and coffee shop inside.
Usküdar (Anatolian)
A neighborhood along the Bosphorus, the main highlight of which is the Maiden Tower and the palace Beylerbeyi. And don't forget to visit the atmospheric mini-district of Kuzkuncuk with beautiful houses, cafes and stores.
Prince's Islands
Or Adalar. An archipelago of islands where 4 of them are the most popular to visit. Beaches, nature and atmosphere of the last century. You can get there by boat from Beşiktaş, Kadıköy and Kabataş stations. The most popular island to visit is Büyükada.
Beşiktaş (Europe)
Synonymous with luxury and wealth among Istanbul's neighborhoods. The main places to visit here include Dolmabahçe Palace, the Maritime Museum, Akaretler district with bars and restaurants, Ortaköy Mosque, Yıldız Park, Arnavutköy district, Bebek, Zorlu shopping mall and more.
Şişli (Europe)
A neighborhood with trendy sub-districts such as Nişantaşı and Bomonti. There is a large shopping center Cevahir and Maçka Park, where concerts are often held. Also a very cool Kanyon and Sapphire mall with a panoramic deck.
Caddebostan and Suadiye
The best place to experience the Anatolian part. Beaches, wide promenade, luxury houses, restaurants and the main shopping street — Bağdat Caddesi.
Beyoğlu (Europe)
The heart of the European part and must visit. The most popular walking route is from Taksim Square along Istiklal to the Galata Tower. But besides this, you can turn to the mini-districts of Pera, Cihangir or Firuzağa. European architecture, stylish showrooms, restaurants and bars.
date of material: summer 2023
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