Svaneti — Georgian mountain region
We went to Svaneti, we got stunned, we decided to share it all with you. Look at beautiful views and read useful tips below.
how to get there
Take a train to Zugdidi for 15 gel and then a minibus to Mestia for another 35. The road is challenging, long (12 hours!), and def not for the faint-hearted. Probably better to go by plane?
where to live
There’re lots of guesthouses in Mestia that are freshly renovated, beautifully located, and comparatively cheap — we spent about $150 for 4 nights.
what to do
Go on a hike to Koruldi Lakes, take the cable car to the opposite side (there’re also a million trails there), drive to Chalaadi Glacier. It costs another 100 gel.
where to eat
At some very decent cafes in Mestia: Blue Mountains suits for dinner with a view, Laila for simple lunch (with chvishtari!), new Twin Peaks for cherry pie.
what else to admire
Of course, the Svan Towers! Best ones are located in Mestia and in Ushguli. It's also worth checking out the local historical museum for 20 gel, impressive inside out.
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date of material: summer 2023