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Editor and commercial manager Lera, chef-editor Kristina
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On our media platforms you can promote your projects or services. We do advertising for restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, clothing brands, educational projects, artisans, and any other field of activity that reflects our project mission — we recommend our audience the options on how to spend money and not regret it.
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selections of places for october:
4 october
Events schedule for October
11 october
Top 6 outstanding hotels in Dubai
18 october
Where to find the most tasty tomatoes
25 october
Where to drink boba tea
Reels on Instagram + stories
1100 AED
Instagram post + stories
1000 AED
Telegram note
300 AED
Stories only
350 AED
Place in a selection
200-300 AED
PR for your project for a month
1900 AED
Individual conditions
  • You can always request statistics and reach totals after the advertising integration.
  • If you do not send the materials 24 hours before publication, we have the right to refuse your placement. No money will be refunded.
  • During the approval process you have 3 free edits. Afterwards each one is 50 AED. In order to minimise their number, we send you a brief, which helps to avoid wasting your and our time.